“With the treatment that I am having now, I get wounds inside the mouth or in the tongue very easily and unlike normal sores, these grow much more in size and sometimes several wounds appear at the same time. Obviously this affects the way you eat and you talk, also my mood and ultimately the quality of life.

I already have a couple of cycles using Dentoxol, and although sometimes some wounds appear, these are more similar to those that appeared to me when I was not treated.  In my case they are super tolerable, they do not affect my quality of life and I can continue to follow the treatment without any changes. To those that are having a hard time with their treatment, I recommend that you try this product. “


“After the chemo, I began to feel that some sort of aphthas started to form inside my mouth. This happened even although I was following the instructions given to me in the clinic to rinse my mouth with bicarbonate. It came a time that the pain and the sores were so intense that I could not ingest any food that was not crushed and passed through the sieve. I tried several medications and mouth rinses, but none gave me relief.

The doctor recommended to me Dentoxol. After a day of rinsing several times with Dentoxol, I began to feel relief and to see that little by little the canker sores disappeared, until there was none left and the pain went away.

Now I rinse 3 times a day with this product and I have no problems in my mouth at all. “


-Patient treated with chemotherapy

“My 39 year old daughter-in-law started treatment with Dentoxol®, preventing and minimizing oral lesions as mucositis, caused by strong drug therapies due to the degree of her cancer. She used the product frequently during the therapy cycles, and then preventively” (…)

“I want to validate the quality of this product and the fact of having had the possibility that the patient was able to use it and lessen the effects of chemotherapy. At the same time, I appreciate that other patients could have access to such a beneficial product” (…)

– Patient diagnosed with a stage IV gastric adenocarcinoma in September 2015 and with 6 chemotherapies to date

“Since December 2014 I am being treated with chemotherapy every week. At the same time, I also started with Dentoxol® as a preventive measure, and the result has been amazing … thanks to Dentoxol®, Mucositis was not generated” (…)

“It’s great to know that there is an alternative to relieve and minimize the effects of chemotherapy, which you do not want to have when you already live and fight with cancer” (…)

– Patient with a relapse in 2014, as a result of breast cancer diagnosed in September 2011

“The reason to contact you is to thank you and convey the benefits and effects produced by Dentoxol® to reduce the effects on the oral mucosa, which was badly damaged due to radiotherapy” (…)

“The result of using the mouthwash after every meal was spectacular, decreasing the pains and discomforts when ingesting food due to good wound healing” (…)

“I recommend the use of Dentoxol® mouth rinse above other existing on the market” (…)

– Patient treated with 35 sessions of radiotherapy, carried out for 7 weeks of oropharyngeal cancer treatment

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