Answer your questions about Dentoxol®, informing yourself in a simple and quick way about the most important product attributes.

Is it common for mouth lesions to occur with radiation therapy and chemotherapy?

Many people under radiation and chemotherapy treatment say they have canker sores, sores, ulcers or mouth sores. This picture is very common and is called oral mucositis. Statistics say that 40% of patients on cancer treatment have oral mucositis. This percentage reaches almost 100% in the case of people who are undergoing radiotherapy for head and neck cancer.

What is Dentoxol®?

Frequently people undergoing chemotherapy and radiation therapy experience lesions in the oral cavity. People commonly call them canker sores, sores or mouth sores. The clinical name of this condition is oral mucositis.

Dentoxol® is an aqueous oral topical solution that helps prevent oral mucositis in patients undergoing cancer therapy.

The active ingredients in Dentoxol® help to soothe the pain caused by the lesions in the mouth. Thanks to its unique formula, Dentoxol® lubricates the mucosa of the oral cavity, reducing the pain and discomfort caused by oral mucositis.

Its periodic and disciplined use is fundamental for the good management of oral lesions produced by oral mucositis.

What is this product for?

Dentoxol® helps in the prevention and management of oral mucositis caused by radiotherapy and/or chemotherapy treatments.

Dentoxol® lubricates the mucosa of the mouth, reduces pain and discomfort caused by oral mucositis.

Should any special precautions be taken during use?

Never rinse mouth with water after use of Dentoxol®. Also, do not mix Dentoxol® with water as the product loses its effectiveness.

Avoid eating or drinking for at least one hour after using Dentoxol®. After each rinse, replace the bottle cap, sealing it tightly.

Do not use this product after the expiration date indicated on the bottle label.

How to take care of daily oral health using Dentoxol®?

It is suggested to maintain adequate oral hygiene, in addition to the use of Dentoxol®. This product in no case replaces the good oral hygiene indicated for people with severe oral lesions.

Keeping your mouth, teeth and gums clean before, during and after radiotherapy and/or chemotherapy treatment helps considerably to:

✓ Prevent oral discomfort arising from treatment.
✓ Reduce the occurrence of severe injuries.
✓ Treat possible complications faster and more timely.

Always ask your doctor for more information.

Is it difficult to use?

The product is very easy to use. Start with rinses 6 days before the start of radiation therapy and / or chemotherapy, maintaining a strict frequency of use throughout the treatment period.

For a better action of Dentoxol®, we describe below its use:

✓ Brush the teeth with toothpaste using a soft brush.
✓ If possible, gently brush the tongue (it also accumulates bacteria).
✓ Flush with plenty of water.
✓ Pour 8 ml of Dentoxol® into the measuring cup that accompanies the bottle.
✓ Rinse (gargle) for one to two minutes and then rinse out.
✓ Wash the measuring cup with plenty of water, carefully cover the container and re-insert both into the packing box.
✓ Keep in a cool and dry place.
✓ Repeat this procedure 5 times a day.

Suggested timetables for use are:

✓ When you wake up after brushing your teeth
✓ By midmorning
✓ At lunch after brushing teeth
✓ By midafternoon
✓ Before going to bed after brushing your teeth

Does Dentoxol® have any contraindications?

People with known hypersensitivity to any of the formulation ingredients should not use this product. If adverse reactions occur, suspend application.

As of topical use, to date there are no known adverse interactions of this product with other medicinal products.

Always ask your doctor for more information.

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