When to use it?

Dentoxol® should ideally be used 5 days before commencement of chemotherapy and / or radiotherapy cycles.

It can also be used during and after cancer treatment, to help control the unwanted effects of oral mucositis.

For a greater benefit, the use of Dentoxol® may be guided by a health professional, who will recommend the best application according to the patient’s oral health.

It is important to always maintain good oral hygiene.

Instructions for use:

For a better product performance, we describe its usage below:

✓ Brush the teeth with toothpaste using a soft brush.

✓ If possible, gently brush the tongue (it also accumulates bacteria).

✓ Flush with plenty of water.

✓ Pour 7,5 ml of Dentoxol® into the measuring cup that accompanies the bottle.

✓ Rinse (gargle) for one to two minutes and then rinse out.

✓ Wash the measuring cup with plenty of water, carefully cover the container and re-insert both into the packing box.

✓ Keep in a cool and dry place.

✓ Repeat this procedure 5 times a day. For this, we offer the following schedule:


How to use it?

  • Al levantarse luego de lavarse los dientes

  • A media mañana

  • Al almuerzo luego de lavarse los dientes

  • A media tarde

  • Antes de acostarse luego de lavarse los dientes

It is very important to have constancy in the performance of the rinses.

What is the taste of Dentoxol®?

Dentoxol ® is an aqueous solution with a mild mint flavor. It does not cause burning on contact with the mouth.


El uso de Dentoxol® debe ser guiado por un profesional que esté a cargo del paciente y evalúe su situación particular. Según su estado de salud se le recomendará el tratamiento a seguir, pero es importante que siempre mantenga una óptima higiene bucal.

Special precautions for use

  • Avoid eating or drinking for at least one hour after rinsing with Dentoxol®. After each rinse, replace the lid of the bottle, sealing it tightly.
  • Do not use this product after the expiration date indicated on each bottle of the product.
  • Do not use this product in patients with known sensitivity to any of its components.

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