Dentoxol® created to improve oral health in
chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatments


Dentoxol® is an oral topical aqueous solution that helps prevent oral mucositis in patients undergoing cancer therapy.

Its mission is to help prevent oral mucositis, one of the most limiting side effects caused by cancer treatments.

The active ingredients in Dentoxol® help to soothe the pain caused by the lesions in the mouth.

Thanks to its unique formula, Dentoxol® lubricates the mucosa of the oral cavity, reducing the pain and discomfort caused by canker sores, sores and ulcers.

Helps preventing the discomforts generated by oral mucositis

Using Dentoxol® before starting chemotherapy and / or radiotherapy treatments helps to reduce the effects of oral mucositis, a secondary condition in which patients recognize the onset of sores, canker sores, and mouth ulcers.

It protects during

It helps improve the patient’s oral health, in order to better cope with side effects such as oral mucositis, which both chemotherapy and radiotherapy can cause. Follow the recommendations of use of Dentoxol® made by the professional in charge.

It helps relieving
the pain

Dentoxol® delivers well-being to the patient helping to maintain good buccal health. By reducing pain in the mouth, Dentoxol® contributes to the patient being able to feed properly and thus better face the cancer treatment cycles.


It improves quality of life of the patients and the people around them

Not all the side effects of oncology therapies are known and even less the economic and social cost they cause. Dentoxol® helps the patient avoid oral mucositis, one of the most limiting side effects caused by chemotherapy and radiation treatments.


Do you know what Oral Mucositis is?

*Always ask your doctor for more information*
*Dentoxol® is a supplement and does not replace the good oral hygiene indicated for people undergoing cancer treatments*